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Isabel Graham-Yooll

Isabel Graham-Yooll

Auction Director

Isabel has been working in the wine and spirits industry for almost 20 years[!] It began with a part time temporary job at Oddbins: a year later she was still there and had tasted every wine and spirit they had. Since then Isabel has managed the wine department at Selfridges, been associate director at Jeroboams Wine Merchants, whisky buyer at Milroy's of Soho and head of spirits at BI Wines & Spirits. Now at Whisky.Auction, Isabel expects to remain in the industry for at least another 20 years.

Latest Posts by Isabel Graham-Yooll

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    22nd July 2021 | By Isabel Graham-Yooll

    Hundreds of wine books are published every year but if you were to buy just three wine books what should they be?

  • July 2021 Auction Results

    14th July 2021 | By Isabel Graham-Yooll

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    We asked Alessandro Palazzi of Duke's Hotel Bar to put together cocktails using only vintage ingredients that can be bought today at auction. What he created might surprise you.

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    16th June 2021 | By Isabel Graham-Yooll

    Real Japanese single malt, Irish renaissance and egg shaped vodka. A quick review of June's auction results and just a few bottles we don't talk about nearly enough.

  • May 2021 Auction Results

    13th May 2021 | By Isabel Graham-Yooll

    You can pick up super bargains at auction. but the main advantage of buying spirits at auction is that it's the best place to quickly buy the greatest whiskies and spirits ever bottled. This auction there was plenty of both.

  • Home Cocktail Time

    21st April 2021 | By Isabel Graham-Yooll

    What's better than making cocktails at home? Getting someone else to make cocktails at home for you.