Auction Results

Keep up to date with the latest auction results, scores and fixtures. The only way to keep informed on the whisky marketplace with reference to authentic verifiable data. Missed the results? Find the highlights here.

  • August 2021 Auction Results

    12th August 2021 | By Isabel Graham-Yooll

    Search beyond the front page of our monthly spirits auction, beyond the Macallans and you begin to discover all the subcultures in the old and rare spirits market. Here are a few personal highlights. Rum As the inaugural virtual Rum Show came to a close our auction was just about to go live and there was renewed interest in affordable old and rare rums. Here are just three: There was the classic Lemon Hart Golden… Read More

  • July 2021 Wine Auction Results

    28th July 2021 | By Isabel Graham-Yooll

    Who’s buying wine? The great joy of our quarterly wine auctions is the extraordinarily broad range of fine and rare wines that you would never find at retail. While many of our bidders are experienced wine collectors and investors or trade buyers topping up their inventory. Increasingly, we are seeing new wine buyers who have discovered this attractively simple and transparent way to taste rare wines. Wine is all about provenance. All our wines have… Read More

  • May 2021 Auction Results

    13th May 2021 | By Isabel Graham-Yooll

    You can pick up super bargains at auction. but the main advantage of buying spirits at auction is that it’s the best place to quickly buy the greatest whiskies and spirits ever bottled. This auction there was plenty of both.

  • April 2021 Auction Results

    15th April 2021 | By Isabel Graham-Yooll

    If you’ve been watching the exceptional April auction unfold and you’re thinking that all it needed was more graphs then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our selected analysis of some notable results.